Our Story


The story of UNFORGOTTEN starts with a curiosity about the world. When two girls hit the road to Italy and Greece in 2005 to perform street shows and develop skills in performances, they did not expect this trip to change their lives. Young Fire Artists travelled from city to city, met people and practiced every day. This experience was the very first moment one of them, Kasia, decided to become part of the incredible world of street art. But that was just the beginning!

After some years, many trips, working with artists from different countries and with different backgrounds, and performing in major stages and open-air parties, it was time to start a new journey. In our minds arose the idea of bringing creative souls together and dedicated our time for shows with the potential to surprise the audience. 

The concept of UNFORGOTTEN was to create an agency based on a family atmosphere. We wanted to build and ambiance in which everybody can bring up new ideas, discuss together, and invent new show-to-show collaborations. 

So, we started!

Today, our team consists of both a team of entrepreneurs and performers within their fields. Our personal experiences make us deliver on a professional level. We work closely with our artists and customers, and we always ensure that the event concept is understood and the right performer is chosen for the job.


Who are we?


Kasia D Olsson

Fire Artist with 12 years experience in performing, a degree in Political Science (MSc), Marketing professional (PBA), mom and travel freak.


Kasper Nymand

Kasper is doing UNFORGOTTEN stuff and experimenting with different projects to see where the imagination brings him.


Diana Martin
Sales Manager

Diana has the background in the communication of Fine Arts. Her free time is spent on her passion for dance and working with creative projects and artists.

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