Adam is representing unimaginable strength and physical fitness combined into a show, which will stimulate the imagination. Acrobatic elements in his show together with a high degree of complexity seem to exceed the limits of human capabilities.


• 2015 – 2016 Wroclaw 2016 European Capital of Culture, performing on spirits of Flood stage

• 2015 – 2016 Polish GOT TALENT edition, as James Bond handstanding show

• 2012 – 2016: Qualified on Franco Dragone casting into Dubai water show
Shows on taekwondo, wrestling and MMA championships
Opening ceremony on polish school of physical education
Artistic events on polish basketball semi-final league
Shows on polish high theatre school, promoting polish culture and manners
Presentation of lower Silesia region events thrown for three years
Masters of Poland championship in street workout show, promoting healthy lifestyle and fresh air sports