Multi Performer/Acrobat/Clown

In 2017 Sean has been a student in AFUK, Denmark, where he trained with his partner Marina in partner acrobatics and handstands and dance acrobatics. Training also included dance, movement and theater elements along with the production of a show with a group of artists from across Europe, which was performed in Copenhagen.

In 2015/16 Sean trained in the prep school in Amiens where he specialized in partner acrobatics and handstands. Alongside this, he also trained floor acrobatics, dance and theater .

He trained with Bright Night International in preparation for the Queen's Baton Relays of the Commonwealth games in 2013-2014. He had also taken two workshops with Simon Thompson who is a prolific clown that specializes in Bouffon.

In 2012 Sean has spent several months training with a collective of clowns who worked together to help each other grow and develop their clown work

He was performing in various stages in Belgium, Scotland and Denmark. Sean is a teacher, performer acrobat, clown and yoga master.